Intercessory Prayers

Our Dear Heavenly Father,

I discredit the lies and strategies, the plots and plans of our enemies.
Holy Spirit, cause our prayers and praises to magnify in a supernatural volume that will deafen the ears of demons and drown out their voices. Confuse them all through your power. Take over our prayers and speak through us and for us.
Bring supernatural deliverances, healing and breakthroughs. Unlock jubilee – cancel debts, release prisoners and captives, restore and renew that which was stolen, lost, broken and destroyed, In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Dear Heavenly Father, hallowed Be Thy Name, Creator of heaven and earth. You are God alone, above every name, thought our idea. Any pretense of, any false exalting of idol gods, we confront both in our hearts and in our minds.
We worship You our God, we lift Your Name above every name and every thing! Every promotion, every position, every place of power we’ve received, falls before Your Presence.
Yielded and surrendered in spirit, in soul and in body, please lead and guide us in this day. My trust is in You because I Believe that You love me. I believe that You have purpose for me today and everyday! Thank You so much!
Show me how to keep the right attitude in everything in the Name of Jesus Amen!

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