Vision Statement 

Victory Temple Church of God in Christ / The Evidence Churches 1 and 2

“Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities: Winning, Keeping, and Equipping Souls for Christ” 


“Win Souls, Keep Souls, Train Souls to Win Souls!”


Our vision for Victory Temple Church of God in Christ, The Evidence Church is to be a vibrant and dynamic community that is deeply committed to the transformation of lives and communities through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior. Our vision is encapsulated in the motto “Win Souls, Keep Souls, Train Souls to Win Souls,” which reflects our commitment to evangelism, discipleship, and equipping believers to be effective ambassadors for Christ.

1. Winning Souls:

We are dedicated to reaching out to the lost in our community and beyond, sharing the message of salvation and the love of Christ in a compelling and relevant way. Our focus is not only on numerical growth but also on the genuine transformation of individuals as they encounter the life-changing power of the Gospel. 

2. Keeping Souls:

Once individuals come to faith in Christ, we are committed to nurturing and caring for them, providing a warm and welcoming community where they can grow in their relationship with God and with fellow believers. We aim to create an environment where people feel valued, supported, and encouraged as they walk their faith journey. 

3. Training Souls to Win Souls:

We believe in equipping every believer to be a minister of the Gospel in their everyday lives. Through intentional discipleship, teaching, and mentoring, we seek to empower individuals to confidently and effectively share their faith, engage in meaningful conversations about spiritual matters, and serve as ambassadors for Christ in their spheres of influence. 

Our vision is not just a slogan but a deeply held conviction that guides our ministries, programs, and outreach efforts. As Victory Temple Church of God in Christ, The Evidence Church, we are committed to empowering lives and transforming communities by winning, keeping, and equipping souls for Christ, ultimately bringing glory to God and advancing His kingdom on earth. 

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