Dear Father,

Your Word decrees that we were healed by the wounds, stripes and beating of your Son Jesus Christ. You also promised that you would send no diseases upon those who would walk in your promises and statutes. I ask for your mercy and forgiveness because We have knowingly and unknowingly violates your law and commands. And because all unrighteousness is sin, We cannot hide behind the size of my transgressions, thinking that We’re better than others. 

I ask for the healing power of the Blood to wash us from the desire to sin and the accompanying sickness that comes along. I also ask for healing, health and deliverance for You. Deliver from the attacks of sickness, the spirit of sickness and diseases. Please give him/her the spirit of health and healing with the proper faith to walk in victory. 

Thank You so much for allowing me access to Your Throne where all these promises exists. I declare that all these blessings and protection and promises are being given to You now. 

Restore and heal his /her heart and I rebuke all of his/her attackers (curses spoken by others and by him, generations, from his/her atmospheres, loved ones and haters) now. 

I receive every breakthrough through the sufferings of Jesus unto death, In Jesus’ Name, Amen!